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ric super-running project can mass-produce and reduce the cost, the profit margin is also a bit larger, but it has encountered a financial turmoil and the sales volume has decreased. However, the research and development work of Model S and Model X has already started. R&D is definitely the most costly work. The funds that sold electric super-run back before are invested in this. If you don’t want to solve the funding problem, you can’t say no. Burn the boss’s money. Tesla executives know that the arrival of this small flying shoes will be a big opportunity, otherwise, the big BOSS will not take this most shocking super automation to run the flicker. “Mr. Smith, as far as I know, Tesla’s profitability…” Although a reporter was shocked by the scene of the workshop, he still remained skeptical. After all, Tesla’s profitability is clear to everyone. This workshop alone does not represent anything, and it is very difficult to popularize larger factories. Nanjing Sauna looked at the other side and noticed that the eyes of Xiaofei Shoes and the Minister of Energy looked at him. He said calmly: “When one thing is important enough, even if the profit does not meet your expectations, you still need to persevere. Go and do it!” “Everything you see is the result of our Tesla efforts. We are dreamers and pioneers. All we have to do is to promote innovation in the global electric vehicle industry. Everyone is very much in the Greater Los Angeles area. Familiar, but you found that there is no difference. The blue sky here is obviously different from other parts of the United States. There are few blue-violet skies, and more of a faint azure. The air quality rankings for many years include Los Angeles and Orange County. The Greater Los Angeles area has always been the most ozone-prone region in the United States, and Fresno in the Central Valley has become the most polluted city in the United States with PM2.5 pollution, PM2. The 5 index is over 100. It is densely populated, with numerous cars and industrial intensive. Su