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Afterwards, the middle-aged man took another few words and left alone.

Zeng Yuewei’s recent mood is very unconventional, but overall it is more pleasant.

There was one less fluffy and uncomfortable flies. From time to time, the flies that had to be sent upwards from time to time were quiet. Although he did not mention the master of the He family, the project in the commercial plaza still had to be done. Once the family had been afraid of her involvement, she had been forbidden to take over.

It was a pity that I could not reflect the value, but I also helped her make a decision, at least not so tangled.

Early this morning, she came to the company as usual and went to her own office. The room was a bit small, but it was not formal in the office area that was separated by glass.

Zeng Yuewei put down the bag and began cleaning. She has serious privacy issues, never allowing cleaning aunts to come in, but also does not like anyone to infringe his field.

After a while, she picked up her stuff and the company’s people continued to come. She teas a bit of tea and is going to take a cup of hot water. She suddenly listens to the security officer and shouts, “Wei Jie, you have a delivery!”


She was a little strange, because recently she hadn’t bought anything, and she approached it. It was a very small package. After scanning the documents, the phone number of the sender was still on the Nanjing Night Net.

She took the things back to the house and took a look at it. It was a small box inside, neatly packed with nine fragrant pills.

Zeng Yuewei was not sure. So he called and called. The other party quickly switched on and said: “Hello, what have you received?”

“What did you mean by that?”

“I want to ask you a favor.” There was a bit of awkwardness over there.

“What is it?” She suddenly became more interested.

“Hey, you colleagues and friends, are there any special stress? My scent is good for promoting sleep and keeping energy…”

“Ha, did you let me Amway?” she interrupted.

“Oh…Yeah, I’m a bit tight on my hand.” There was more embarrassment on the other side, but I was honest.

Zeng Yuewei picked up a fragrant pill and looked at it while asking, “What is your main product?”

“There are two kinds, one is fragrant pills, and the other is incense sticks. The incense sticks have to be mined for a few days, so I’ll give you another post,” he explained.

After the two men talked about the show in Chen Xiang, the relationship was close to each other and they could be called friends. Zeng Yuewei has been afraid of him being repaired by Hetian. When he heard that the grandson did not lift him, he was glad that he had escaped.

She knew that Nanjing Night Net began and her attitude was always changing. From questioning to giving up provocations, to a bit of understanding, I discovered that I was a very honest guy. There was no other skill points apart from making incense.

“No problem with Amway. You give a reserve price.” Zeng Yuewei laughed.

“Hey, Xiangxiang has a box of six, I want to sell two hundred. Line incense is sixty, I want to sell five hundred… If you buy more, there are excellent…”

“Stop and stop!”

She had a headache and said directly: “Five hundred fragrant pills and one thousand two!”

“Ah? Are you more expensive?” The goods surprised.

“Hey! Do you know how much money they have in a box of anti-pressure drugs? Still care about your little money?”

Zeng Yuewei smirked and then laughed again: “Yes, how much do you plan to give me?”


There is a bit of commercial cells on the other side.

This kind of thing is the seller to give a bottom price, by the agency to flicker, and then make the difference. But Zeng Yuewei did not care about this family background.

When she listened to her, she was not joking and said: “OK, OK, please ok when I have a meal.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“It’s okay. Hang it up first.”

After Zeng Yuewei had hung up, she couldn’t help but lick her mouth. There was a scent in the room. She picked up one and tried it out.

That apparatus is a whole set, including dozens of clips, spoons, scoops, feather dust, incense burners, and silver leaf cans. She took a palm-size copper stove, filled with special ash that was calcined with diatomaceous earth, and baked a small piece of charcoal into the ash.

Then use fine chopsticks to make a hole, place a mica piece on the hole, and the top of the mica piece is a fragrant pill. This method is called fire aroma incense, using charcoal and ash, will not produce smoke.

Zeng Yuewei deliberately learned from the masters, not to mention that many people really lived.

Waiting for a few minutes, she took the stove in her left hand and a cage in her right hand, then she felt a faint and refreshing breath. Long time to the nose and a rush, actually like the breeze Xu, Yunkai see the month.


Zeng Yuewei took a deep breath, especially to meet the aftertaste. This incense was so extraordinary that she felt that her price was still too low.

After sucking a full three, she took the stove on hand and started her work today. Xu is the reason for the incense, and it may be psychological. In short, the status is excellent, the thinking is agile, and the efficiency is also leveraged.

Unknowingly, she was so busy that one morning, she took her arm and took the fragrant pill to shrink it by one-third.

Zeng Yuewei put together a document and dialed a number with the plane. “Loki, come here.”

Soon afterwards, someone knocked on the outside, and a sister of Qi Liu came in and said: “Weijie, do you come to see me?”

“You’ll take this information back and see it, be a PPT, and use it in the afternoon.”

“Okay,” smiled her sister.

Lok Qi was in her twenties and soon after the new arrival, she was wise and sensible. Her mouth was sweet and she had a good job with Zeng Yuewei. She took the documents and did not move. Instead, she took advantage of the incense burner and asked, “Miss Wei, are you incense?”

“Yeah, do you understand this too?”

“I can’t talk about it. I just play it. Can I smell it?”

“Oh, give it to you.”

Zeng Yuewei picked up the censer, and her sister looked down and sniffed it twice. It looked very excited: “Wow, I have never smelled this before. Where did you buy your sister?”

“It wasn’t bought, my friend sent it.”


Lok Chi was obviously disappointed, and turned sideways to wryly moan. Zeng Yuewei witnessed, picking up two fragrant pills and said: “Well, don’t sell it. This is for you, and it’s time to smoke. My friend just happens to be selling it.”

“Thank you Weijie, you will know that you are the best!”

The girl turned to the shimmering person, returned to her seat, carefully packed the fragrant pills in the box, and then buried her head to work.

It is already 12 o’clock in the evening. The office area gradually moved and each got up. Next to a girl called: “Kiki, eat to go?”

“I don’t go to the cafeteria, I have friends,” she laughed.

“Well, then let’s go first.”

When colleagues in the department were cleared up, Le Qi stood up, took the elevator downstairs and ran to a coffee shop across the street.

The environment is elegant and the light is dimmed. Two pairs of couples are kissing me and me. She looked around to find the innermost seat and called out: “Han Shut!”


A middle-aged man with an ordinary face to the other is said to be middle-aged, but it is actually very vague, between the ages of 40-50. He looked cold and spited out of a word and stopped talking. Le Qi was very used to eating some food. Then he said:

“She did not have anything yesterday. She was in the company during the day and we went to KTV in the evening. After she finished singing, she went home and didn’t feel abnormal.”

“This morning in the office, there seems to be a new project. I plan to display it. Oh, yes, she picked up the courier in the morning and it may be fragrant. I just saw her fragrant.”

“Fragrance?” The other person frowned.

“This is it.”

Le Qi touched out the fragrant pill and pushed it away: “I usually play it too. This quality is really high. She said she was sent by a friend.”


The middle-aged man picked up and sniffed and nodded. “Yes, some value.”

When she sees something useful, she can’t help but be overjoyed.

She is just a new employee, and she has no sense of belonging to the company. He has made a lot of advantages and he is also an undercover agent.

Afterwards, the middle-aged man took another few words and left alone.

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