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In the evening, He House.


A car came from a distance and slowly stopped in front of the gate. The door opened two places. It was Wang Yao and the Taoist. He Zun and Li Yan had already waited in the hospital and quickly welcomed it.

“Haha, you didn’t lose weight.”

“You are the same… Hey, He Dong, we haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

Wang Yao greeted Li Yan and shook hands with He Zun. Afterwards, he introduced: “This is the Lotus Mountain, which is infinitely observant of the Lord, and is very long.”

The two men were silent and looked at them carefully. Seeing this old road, the cranes made hair and young children, and the eyes converged on the light. Although it was an old gray robe, it was a gas of dust.

They are all big coffee shoppers, and they know a lot of people. They have a lot of good looks. Immediately, He Zun heaped up a smile on his face and said: “The Chief Executive is willing to come out of the mountain and is honored. Please, please!”

Then, several people entered the main hall. Li Yang also waited in the room, just sitting in a wheelchair and looked depressed.

Both were seated and did not mention the proper business, but they talked casually. Li Yanxian said: “As early as I heard that there is a true fairy on the Lotus Hill, today I saw it really well-deserved reputation, do not know which line is the successor?”

Mo Daochang laughed: “The priests should have a thousand years from the time when the ancestors counted from the beginning of the time.


He Zun pulled out his mouth, and this was awkward, as if the other party would spit out the Feijian in the next second. He does not believe this, only to pretend to be a devil, and to be mysterious.

Li Yan was very interested, and asked: “I knew that the truth divides the South and the South. But the specific details are not clear. Today’s opportunity is rare. Can the long commander explain the explanation?”

“This one……”

The old master took advantage of his long-minded man and laughed, “Yeah, it’s just a matter of saying something.”

“Today, Taoism is divided into two major factions: the one by Zhang Tianshi and the other by Maoshan, Lingbao, Qingwei and Jingming. There are seven disciples such as Tan Chuan Duan and Qiu Chuji, and they are the true seven sons. The first ancestor of Nan Zong was a Ziyang realman, the second was Zu Cui Xuanzhen, the third was Zi Xianzhen, the fourth was Zuiduiwuzhen, and the fifth was Zi Virtue. For the North Seven True and South Five ancestors.”

“The two Southern and Northern Dynasties all talked about the law of Nadant Road. It was a source of homeopathism. Therefore, when the end of the Yuan Dynasty, Nanzong merged into Quanzhen Religion, and it rose rapidly and commanded the door of the world.”

“Poverty was a monk in the south of the Yangtze River. He was forty years old and he traveled around the world. After that, he watched the audience at Lotus Hill…”

Speaking of this, Li Yang suddenly interrupted and said: “I have heard that the concept of immeasurableness has been built for more than 30 years. I do not know that you have this year…”

“Oh, there are five in the seventy.”

When this statement was made, everyone was shocked. This man has no old age. If he blackens his hair, he is a middle-aged man. He Zun also thought about it, but he couldn’t help but be solemn.



At this time, listening to the sound of the outside car, and then walked into one person, it was He Tian arrived.

“Ah Tian, ​​coming and coming, this is a long way.”

He Zun beckoned and intended to introduce one or two.

Who knows that the goods are ignored, went straight to Li Yang and sat down, saying, “I don’t care who you are and he can cure our illness. I’ll give you all the tips. I can’t cure it yet. I’m not polite to blame.”

This product was savage and squawked. After it was hung up, it became worse. It was a dare to break the can.


He Zhoumian face could not hang up, is about to scold, old waved his hand and laughed: “There is no absolute thing, the Tao is too full to speak about, worth mentioning, this will take a look at your affected area.”


He Tianleng shouted and turned away from his own good brother. He was even more miserable. He was as dead as he was dead.

One in the leg and one in the lower body, it is natural to look at the former first. Li Yan squatted down, picked up his son’s trouser leg, and saw that his legs were white and scary, as if there was no blood circulation.

Mo Daochang said that he had been diagnosed with a continuation of the continuation and said: “If the meridians are damaged, blood is stagnant.”

Afterwards, he knelt down and pinched at the other’s calf. He jerked his fingers and asked, “Does it hurt here?”

“Do not hurt.” Li Yang shook his head.

“What about here?” He moved half an inch.

“Not hurt.”

“What about here?”


Li Yang frowned and said: “It’s sour and sore.”

The old master nodded and took out the pack from his arms. Inside, there were dozens of silver needles of different sizes and lengths. He pulled out a slender silver needle and plunged into the acupuncture point.

Then he pulled out another one. The root was slightly different. The tip was a triangular shape and was dedicated to bleeding and diarrhea. When he gently glanced, there was a little blood flow, but the color was dark, almost black and purple…

So many procedures, about half an hour later, the side checked.

“How do you do?” Li Yan asked quickly.

“Not surprisingly, the situation is similar. It is a meridian injury.”

“Can that be cured?”

“Difficult! Applying acupuncture every day and then luck and massage may be useful.”

Lao Dao seems to be reluctant to talk more about this topic, get a good roll, and sit down again: “You guessed it well. There are indeed people who have done it. And this is a very humane course. It’s not simple… You heard that they are suddenly sick? ”

“Yes, very suddenly.” Li Yan said.

“Has there been some physical contact before?”

“How can I contact the law?” He Tian could not help but ask.

“As long as the other person’s hand touches any part of you.”

“Hey! Where do I remember to go?” He burst into foul language.


Everyone was too lazy to handle it. He Zunben did not believe it. This would be a little shaken. He asked tentatively: “Do you say that you will have an evil law?”

“The evil law is not enough, it is only some special means. If the person wants to make it out, he will touch it with his hands. You can find this clue… Oh, it will not be too long. It should be on the same day. ”


Both of them looked at each other with joy, and the search scope was greatly reduced. He Zeng busy said: “You just stayed with me for a few days and you will be notified immediately when there are results.”

“I don’t have to. I’ll go to the Taiqing Palace and just hang up.”

Taiqing Palace is a Taoist temple in Shengtian City. It is full of incense. In the past, there were rules for pending orders. The first thing to do was to dress cleanly and shouted, “The room is full of compassion!”

Waiting for the room to wait for the equal number to enter.

There is also a question and answer in the entrance. What “from where did the old practice come from?” “The disciple comes back from somewhere.” “What is your old school of law?” “A disciple is a certain school” and so on.

Afterwards, we must also retire and participate in the kitchen.

Of course, save it now, and take a look at the name of the Lord without limit. After a long while, he sat and quit.

Li Yan got in with the car, He Zun and others also followed. Just out of the door on the first floor, I suddenly heard someone scream:


All the people hugged their necks and saw that a dark thing fell from the second floor and was facing the top of He Tian. None of them responded, and He Tian was forced to dodge.

As soon as the middle of the thing was going to be smashed, I saw a large sleeve thrown out, gently supporting a bottom pocket, and then another turn, the gray sleeves scattered like a stream of clouds, squatting up and down.


With a sip of light, the stuff flew back to the second floor and fell steadily on the stall.


It was clear to everyone that it was a huge pottery flowerpot and an unsure female nanny.

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