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That night, in the villa.


Li Yan, holding a censer, took a deep breath and spit out a bit of muddy water. He just oversold his head and said: “It’s not normal. It’s not ordinary! It’s impossible to make such a fragrance. It’s not a master to say it.”

“Indeed, I have never been interested in this thing, but this is too, very unexpected…”

He Zun expressed his approval in the side, and even some words were poor. Both are big brothers, and the gifts they have received are numerous and varied. They include a lot of agarwood, sandalwood and various fragrances.

They are well-informed and can face this pill, but they are shaken up.

At this time, Han Shu, who is on one side, added: “Zeng Yuewei received a total of nine, and that friend has the meaning of doing long-term business.”

“Is the person you are looking for credible?” He Zun asked.

“The man is easy to control, superficial, and should be very credible.”

“That’s good……”

He nodded and asked again: “Lao Li, what do you think?”

“We have been with them for a few days. Everyone else is normal. Once the family had a little clue. Even if it is not a clue, we have to be a clue to check it, or we will break.” Li Yan sighed.


He Zun is also inconspicuous, only staring at the incense burner and thinking halfway to the side: “Car, go to Taiqing Palace!”

“just now?”

“Right now!”


Han Shu hastened to prepare. After a few minutes, the three people were already on the road.

It was late. The streets were sparsely populated, and all the way to the Taiqing Palace. When I saw the Zhuwa Biwa, the door was closed. A large architectural complex was hidden in the dark.



Han Shu first knocked on it and knocked on the door knocker. After a while, the more priests rushed in with anger and shouted: “Who special for the night? Oh, He Dong! Li Dong!”

The two men turned a blind eye to the quickness of his style of painting, and the harshness of his mouth. “We are looking for a long way.”


The priest was surprised, but he was also smart and busy: “You must haven’t slept yet, please be please!”

Saying, a few people came into view, and the priests took the road in front of them and forced them to go on and on. “The old gods are terrible, and we watched the leaders and saw them all three short points away. People still liked to ignore them.”

“It’s a day in a quiet room, but it’s really hard work.”

“If you want to do business in the next month, if you are free, please also visit us.”

Soon, several people arrived in the backyard and stopped in front of a quiet room. The priest went up to the door and said: “The old president, Mr. He and Mr. Li are visiting.”

The voice fell, and there was a powerful voice inside: “Come in!”

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