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The monk retreated and the two entered the house. Han Shu guarded outside the door.


This is a quiet room, no chair, He Zun and Li Yan are awkwardly sitting on the futon. Lao Tao is on the opposite side, upright and straight, as if it is Mount Tai, and there is a sense of imperial momentum.

“The Chief Executive stayed here for a few days. Is everything okay?” Li Yan said.

“Oh, you come late at night, I think it is a bit of a look?” The old path did not, directly asked.

“I can’t beat you…”

He Zun touched out the remaining pill and handed it over: “You look at this.”

The old path is in the palm of your hand. You smell it first and you rub it with your fingers. Taoist temple also adores incense and has a lot of incense and incense. He will also do some of his own work on a regular basis.

At this time, I felt a little different. The Xiangwan pills were round and tight and there were no omissions. It was like a totally natural, no trace of processing. He immediately got up, went to the next wooden case, cleared the unburned benzoin, and put on the incense pill.

This is not a fire smoke, heat together, there is a faint green smoke elegant.

After a short period of brewing, incense will be completely distributed. After about one minute, all three people smelled a clear and long-lasting taste, which seemed to dispel the turbidity in their brains.


The old master took a deep breath and suddenly his face looked slightly changed. He couldn’t be sure to suck two more, then returned to his original position and closed his eyes to meditate.

The two men looked at each other, but they did not dare to disturb. They only waited.

The room was quiet at the moment and only heard a long, powerful breath. With this rhythm, it seems that there was a weak suction, which caused the flue gas to drift around, and the old face became a little blurry.

After a long time, he opened his eyes and eagerly asked, “Where does this incense come from?”

“It was one of the goals that her friend sent.”

“Can you find this person?”

“Can find…”

Hezun paused and could not help but ask: “What does this incense have?”

“The problem is great, but it’s inconvenient to discuss it with you.”


Hezun listened to a bit of annoyance, and his old eyes looked in his eyes, simply picking out the words: “Mr. He, the poor son listened to two sons weird condition, curiosity was only promised to come to see, did not make any promises, not to mention you If you really find a person who makes incense, no matter if he doesn’t get his hands off, the poor will go to the meeting for a while. As for your grudges, it’s up to you to solve them.”

This is harsh, but it is true.

The people did not have a lot of baggage. It was your request from Baba. Li Yan saw the atmosphere is wrong, busy: “You are right, you are yours, we do ours.”

He Zun blinked his eyes and immediately cleared his eyes, nodding his head.

Speaking of this, the two got up and quit.

As a result, there was only one old man left in the room. He looked at the censer, and his expression was complex. He was both surprised and expectant, and he was somewhat scared and nervous.

Nanzong counted from Zhang Boduan, and it has been more than a thousand years of inheritance. However, it was only a tiny dust in the entire history.

There are numerous myths in China, and there are a few rules in them: One is farther away from the present age, the greater the mystical power is; the closer, the more sparse and usual.

From the ancient Kuafu chase to Japan, Jingwei reclamation, to the later Purple East, North Ming fish, then Ge Hong, Zuo Ci, until Wang Chongyang and Zhang Sanfeng. All the way to LOWB, the beginning of the epoch-making fascinating, the last Maoshan small operation to catch ghosts.

Even in modern times, what unscrupulously hand-plugged in electricity, coins into bottles, and even lived-in-the-art performances are called masters!

We say that in the past, the productivity was low and the people’s wisdom was not open, so they advocated natural and mysterious power. With social development and intellectual enlightenment, many things can be verified with science, and self-will tend to be rational.

This is certainly a saying. In the eyes of theists, there must have been many unknown and magnificent events in the past few thousand years.

The entire Taoist system is based on classical scriptures and myths. Looking at the South alone, Zhang Bo is holding the book “Real Wisdom,” and Bai Yu’s “The Promise Map” is a tangible thing. At the same time, there are also some anecdote, such as the end of a battle and a battle, the soul of God traveled to Yangzhou, agreed to fold flowers as a record. When you arrive first, but you can’t fold your flowers, you arrive at the end, but you pick a viburnum.

Berthod Road: I am a double-minded person. Jindan Avenue can be seen by God. This is called Yang God. You only work for life, do not cultivate sex, although the speed is fast, but not an egg, you are called Yin God.

Is this a big deal? Quite awesome.

Four generations were passed to Baiyu, but they only met the theory. They did not see the true chapter. There were no outstanding figures in six or seven hundred years, let alone what power.

This is very strange in itself. When he was young, he traveled around the world and visited high men. Those who were over one hundred years old were monks who were silent and quiet. They had reasonable living and no magic at all.

Even so, he is still convinced of the “magic.”

He once thought that he might be stuck in the acquired realm for a lifetime… But just tonight, from that incense, he clearly felt a strange, strange, full of spirit and vitality.

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