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Unfortunately, he did not know that the goods are not a master, just a sultry single dog.


Night, Taiqing Palace.

This view is in the bustling city center, half of which is a religious and half-owned government. Just look at the various modern facilities, as well as the ultra-hospital lay room, you know the atmosphere.

In a quiet room, Moda Chang was closing his head and meditating. After a day’s work, he is still calm and calm, and he is not tired. Just a little discomfort, because this quiet room is too pompous.

The wooden case of rosewood, the good benzoin, and the futon under the ass are memory cotton. Please! Futon is not a pillow, use maintenance of daisy it?

Although the immeasurable view is also commercial, the quiet room is extremely simple and is really used for spiritual practice.

In fact, he could not do anything. If you are pensive in the mountains, you are naturally not bound. If you die or die, the government will hit you on this hill, and you want to develop into a tourist area.

First of all, the formalities must be complete. The Religious Office, Land and Resources Bureau, Daoist Association, etc. are all indispensable. Secondly, to cooperate fully, there must be a temple for the mountains, and an expert for the temples. This will attract tourists and increase profits.

He does not want to be sensible, but he lives on earth. How can he be detached? Therefore, we can only look at the amount of copper odor full of people, to the local tyrants to solve some of the four or six signs, while also insisting on practice.

Of course, he also could not bear the status reputation, but in the beginning of this year, it has been determined that the Taoist heart is firm.



As he was meditating, there was a knock on the door. After waking up from the confession, the old man wrinkled his eyebrows and asked, “What happened?”

“Chancellor, my host watched you in the past and said that it was an exchange of ideas.”

“Too late today, I’m going to sleep.”

“Oh, well, don’t bother you to rest.”

The man outside the door quitted, and old road sighed, quite helpless. He was once seen by the local observer. At one session of the Taoist seminar, he had a full-fledged idiot and was full of thoughts to please the elite and took money.

He is very disrespectful, but it is also clear that this is a common phenomenon today.

The middle of the street was disturbed, lost his mind and rose to the window. I only saw the moon hanging high, the night sky was clear, outside is a small garden, flowers and silver are reflected in a piece.

In summer, it is the time when the mosquitoes are the most. This will cause a mosquito to fluctuate on the screens, fly away, and squeak.


The old road stood for a long time, I do not know whether to look at the month, or look at the garden, suddenly flexing a bullet.


A muffled sound came across the screens, and the mosquitoes were popped all the way out. They rolled in the air and did not fall down. After a few days, the mosquito fell to the ground.

This refers to the utmost ambition and control, which is like the master of the rivers and lakes depicted in the martial arts novels.

Of course, this is not an internal force, but it is a Taoist cultivation of gas.

The Mo-Lao Taoist confessed to Quanzhen Nanzong. This vein of the Patriarch’s Grandfather called Bai Yu’e and Zi Yong’s real person. The five ancestors of Nanzong had different ideas, but they were very uniform on the whole. They all paid attention to double-education of life, borrowed false self-cultivation, and finally made great achievements.

Sex is God. Life is refined and gas.

Daoism smelts three treasures, and when it is refined and refined, the omnipotent, all the gods are the powers of the day after tomorrow. Excellent refinery essence, vitality, and soul, that is, innate merit.

Nanzong’s road is relatively low. It is a continuation of heaven from the day after tomorrow. This is what it means to use false law and practice.

This law requires high standards for the doormen. It must be precise and unbreakable. God cannot leak it. Mo Lao Tao, who was close to Master at an early age, is still the boy’s body. After 70 years, he trained to Xiao Cheng, who can cultivate, maintain life, and support his life.

Therefore, when He Zun and others watched him, he realized that he was a child boy and he was introverted.

According to legend, the five ancestors of the South had a longevity of several hundred years until their emergence soared. The early ancestor Zhang Boduan was even taught by Chen Xi and Liu Haijun.

Such records are called myths.

Moo Dao is convinced that with decades of hands-on practice, it can also reach the extreme, life is no longer difficult to gain, let alone what innate gas.

Nowadays religion is prosperous, but prosperity is only incense. When he was young, he traveled around the world. When he was old, he also knew his peers. It was not enough to lay down the foundation.

It is expected that this time he encountered one, seeing the affected area, it is the means of loss of meridians. Take the words from the rivers and lakes, if you can do this step, you must be a top-notch expert.

Unfortunately, he did not know that the goods are not a master, just a sultry single dog.

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