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When he said that he was hanging out, He Zun also habitually concealed a trace of emotions and returned to his former stance.

The old man revealed this hand and everyone was shocked. The flowerpot was quite heavy. It was even more difficult to prevent the fall of the stamp-stamp. Who knows him with a gleaming robe and the flowerpot flew up.

From the headshot, He Tianji was not afraid to care, but he was only dumbfounded. He Zun and Li Yan looked very gracious and they clearly saw it. This is not a magic trick and a real skill.


Wang Yao was the most exaggerated. He was convinced by the old channel. This became more and more deterministic. Even the title was changed: “The old god, you just did that…”

“Inner Kungfu just…”

Do not want to talk about more than the old school, over the courtyard, to the door, and then stopped the road: “You do not have to send, please come back.”

“Well then, we will visit you on another day. If you have any requirements, we must do the same.”

Several people politely said a few words, from the car, went straight to the Taiqing Palace in the city.

Hezun smeared herself back into the house and sprayed the jealous nanny first. Then he called He Tian and said, “You saw that people have real skills. You give me good help, and you don’t want to have sex!”

“I know, isn’t I looking for someone?”

He Tianyi was on the couch, but he did not pay attention. His heart was extremely important. He said, “There was a suspicion that you had come that day. You should check it out.”

“Putting your mother’s fart!”

Hezun casually moaned and said, “What did you do when we were at home? This time, we have used a lot of relationships and toss it down. Someone is offended…. Old Korea!”

He summoned a handful of information and dumped him: “Look for yourself!”

He Tian took a trip. There was a list of pages. They were all invited guests of the day. Nearly half of the people are marked with an imprint, meaning that they have had contact.

“Lao Wang, Hu Fatie, Lao Chen … These don’t have to be thought of. They must have been touched.”

He first read several good relations, and then said: “Tang Zheng, Zhang Lei, Tang Hui, Xiao Shan … … these also shook hands.”

To be honest, most of the exhibitors at Chenxiang Exhibition knew it. But He Tianyi used to seeing you, but he didn’t know if you didn’t know why.

More than a dozen people were identified, and they swept down: “Zeng Yuewei…”


He took a fist and raised the woman. He was very complicated. He regretted not getting into bed before she died, and she was a little irritated and angry.

“She was with me for the longest time…”

In the next sentence of He Tianzhu, he swept back to the last three names, frowning: “Jiangsu Night Net? Looking forward? These two have no impression … Nanjing Night Net, hey!”

When the file was broken, he shouted: “When you remember this kid’s life, I can’t kill him!”

“You give me a stop, it’s important!”

He Zun did not like his son’s character, but there was no way. Who told him to be his own? He picked up the document and asked: “Has these three people had physical contact?”

“Maybe not.”


“I don’t really, I’m lazy to shake them.”


He Zun nodded and no longer asked. It seemed to have a good idea. He called old Korea and just gave them a few words and suddenly said, “Do you stay here today or go back?”

“Go back, what’s the point?”

When He Tian got up and took out the car keys, he said: “OK, I’m gone.”

When he said that he was hanging out, He Zun also habitually concealed a trace of emotions and returned to his former stance.

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