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Quiet room in the afternoon.


There was a wooden case in the house. The case was littered with fragrant gas. The smoke lingered and lingered in the air like a cloud. From this Yunshan, a small stream was separated and slowly floated to Jiangsu Night Net.

Jiangsu Night Net shuts its eyes and concentrates on the operation of the Thunderbolt. It is believed that a pure white gas is produced from the lungs, and the five internal organs circulate through the veins, leading to the right hand side.


She flattened her palms and saw that the arc of the palm of her hand flickered and unpredictable. It seemed that there was a small and small universe born and annihilated, but she could not escape the world.

She likes this feeling very much, just like everything is in her hands and she wants to do what she likes.

The current Jin Lei gas is twice as powerful as it is. Although it can’t be put out, the power is already considerable. The two fruits, Nanjing Night Net ate one, she ate one, and Xiaoqiu was very sensible to her sister. She also did not hypocritical, Lei Fang originally difficult to practice, can also be more than helpful.

As for the rest of the fruit, it has been planted in the ground, next to the fence, and if it grows into trees, it will be opposite to the house of the two people.

This fruit does not apply to natural laws. The one-and-a-half year cycle, not to mention the spring harvest, depends on the natural opening of the node.

Jiangsu Night Net spent half a year, and the deeper it touched, the more it felt that Refa was unmatched.

She passed down the door of the division and called the photo of the five dragons within the Raynai. After the improvement of the Satyen, it was called the Great Thunder of the Thunder. The two are essentially the same. They belong to one context and inherit and develop.

Lei Fa is also a cultivator, with his own thoughts, people wonderland is the survival of the five thunder, the fairyland is to think like a dragon.

This dragon is both imagery and concrete.

Long can be large and small, able to rise up or hide, while large can make a cloud, and a small one hides a Tibetan shape; while a rising one flies over the universe, and an implicit one lurks inside a wave. As the dragons multiply and change, the Jews are ambition to be in the world…

What kind of person repair law.

Refailing is overbearing and is the first to make the cut. Jiangsu Night Net’s temperament fits in perfectly, so it can exert its greatest power. In the same way, you let a guy who is weak and hesitant and hesitant to practice thunder, and even if he’s trained, he doesn’t have an egg.


The thundery light flashed for a moment and disappeared instantly. It was still a small hand of white tenderness.

Jiangsu Nightcome got up and stepped out of the door. He took a look around and looked at his boyfriend.

Nanjing Night Net has just completed its cultivation and is now picking herbs in the herbal garden. It is holding a small spade in its hand. There are bamboo rafts next to it.

He shook the soil, carefully placed in the bamboo poles, and suddenly a corner of the corner of the mouth, behind the breeze hit, warm paste on the body. Two white arms around the neck, slightly cheek, and some cool itch.

“Why are you so gentle?” He was a little strange.

“Mood is good!” Jiangsu Night Net laughed.

“You are in a good mood. Shouldn’t you call me for a fight?” He was even more strange.

“No, fighting is very good. Now it’s just good.”

“Then I would rather you be average every day.”

Nanjing Night Net sighed and took a bamboo sigh and got into the house. Jiangsu Night Net stayed with him for a long time, but also learned a lot, very helpful to help busy.

About an hour later, the two men got their jobs and ran to the old tree to sit down and watch the sun go west.

It is now at the end of August.

After saying that Xiao Tong was taught a lesson, he stayed at home honestly and was ready to return to school. The child had never been unaware of his childhood, and he was used to it. As she said, it was fun and fresh. The work of cultivating the church was precisely in line with her worldview.

Therefore, she is very certain that when graduating next year, be sure to practice meditation and look like, to join the monk this promising career.

Well, my sister-in-law also expressed her expectation.

No way, they need too much manpower. There are few people who have good roots and are trustworthy. Xiaoyan is the only one. The subtle changes in the government’s side can’t escape their feelings. They must be doing little tricks and have confidence to break the balance.

The two did not intend to confront the government. All they did was to protect themselves and seek the road.


Nanjing Night Net took a sip of tea and breathed a sigh of relief. It looked up and looked at the paddy field on the south bank. He froze for a long time, suddenly said: “October will be harvested, really get a few machines up?”

“If we don’t get it, how can we do it? We have three people and we still hold a stone and rice?” Jiangsu Night Network Road.

Turning rice into rice requires at least six or seven processes. It is now a mechanized one. It is a small machine with shelling and rice milling that is very convenient.

Of course, this is not the case in Nanjing Night Network. “This is always a problem. Not only this year but every year we have to take care of it every year. And we are growing more and more. It takes too much time on our own.”

“Then recruit people, send a message online…”

Jiangsu Night Net suddenly came to Tucao desire, and gestured to a small hand, said: “This mountain due to production and management needs, specially recruit the following personnel. Requirements of clinical sowing experience more than a decade, male or female, superior technology is preferred; able to endure hardships, Not afraid to be scared is preferred. The monthly salary is half of the price, and the end of the year is given to bags of rice.”

whispering sound!

Nanjing Night Net didn’t bother to care for her and squatted around. They couldn’t help but think of it: “Hey, Xiao Qiu?”

“Not yet.”

“This day is going to be dark. Haven’t come back yet?” He was very strange.

These three people lived in the mountains, and they had to buy them exclusively. Although Yuan Yuan could be entrusted, what kind of clothes and socks were more appropriate?

So at regular intervals, they will go down the mountain to purchase. To this end, Yuan Jia also specifically provided a car and driver, ready at any time.

At noon this morning, Long Qiu volunteered to go shopping, resulting in no result.

Now on the edge of the Inner Hill, a signal tower has been set up. Nanjing Night Net immediately called for someone to find. There was no response on the other side. This is a bit worried, he is determined to go down the hill, but see Long Qiu Britain Britain back, and look depressed.

“what happened?”

Jiangsu Night Net saw her empty hand and wondered: “Don’t you go to the city?”


Long Qiu shook his head and said: “I went down the hill through Hongmei Street, oh no, it was the village that passed by. There was an individual heat stroke, and I went to help. Then another person was not very comfortable. I looked again. Then there was a The little girl invited me to eat watermelon. I went to her home and stayed until now.”


The two parents felt very interesting when they looked at one another. Nanjing Night Net asked, “How are you not happy?”

“I, I think those people are pitiful! The little girl said that now the weather is too hot. Every day people faint. But the hospital is too full. They can’t get in and can only eat the hard drugs.”

The dragon froze and asked seriously: “Brother and sister, can we help them?”

“Why think so?” Jiangsu Night Net asked with a smile.


Long Qiu looked up at her and looked at her sister: “Why not! Why don’t you say to the little one? The idea is to repair your own thoughts. Then I just want to help them.”

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