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    “I laughed and laughed and rolled up for me. Your hell life began!”


“Rong, win!”

On the battlefield, a twenty-year-old sister fell down and his back shook like a heavy hammer. His bones were broken. And her opponent is a slightly younger man with a cold face and no pity.

“Well, each group ended the competition and announced ten candidates!”

Xiao Long jumped onto the court and said loudly: “Five Xuantian Halls, Zeng Keer, Lei Lan, Yuan Lingshan, Su Zhouzhou, and Rong Jing. Five Yuandian Temples, You Yu, Tao Tong, Tao Yi, Wang Rong, and Guan Mengyi. This time, I will lead the team and you will sort it out as soon as possible and start tomorrow!”


The ten people who were ordered were all right.

This is exactly what the two sides are fighting for and they decided to go to the snake island development base. One-half rotation every half year, this time, the next time, the dragon will lead the team.

The disciples did not feel that they were working hard, but they were eager to be eager to go. One is boring in the mountains. Now that the script is mature, you can also practice in other places. The second is the development site. Hey, what a sense of accomplishment!

After several years of thinking, the later teachers and sisters landed on the island of Serpent, and they could enjoy it. Let’s see: This is what we shot down that year.

Of these ten people, six men and four women, each have their own strengths. Simply pick up the baggage, excitement, no sleep, dazzling the next morning.

Everyone gathered in the small square and waited for a moment. The air flow was surging. Nanjing Night Net appeared out of thin air.

With his long sleeves and a wave, a white-boned kayak floats on the river. No nonsense, he sends 11 people directly to it. The boat descended and sailed east along the river and headed for Ouhaikou.


Ten people are aggressive!

It took a while to go back to God and dared not move. The sneaky left and right touched were full of curiosity. It is even more amazing to see the underwater world clearly through the “window.”

Xiao Hao also sat down for the first time, and said, “You have this good thing. Don’t you take it out earlier? Did you go to sea with my sister and leave us home with conscience? This is what the cheekbones do. Wow, I didn’t expect a great deal of use… eh, what happened to the whales on my sister’s side?”

“Still studying, that’s a lot bigger and the load is different.”

“Isn’t that the ship? Well, I already said that there were many baby on the sea. Let you go and see what you like. Sure enough.”

“When did you say that?”

“There is anyway!”

As such, it was not even full speed, but also halfway through the sea.

The shuttle boat followed the northwest turn, about ten kilometers from the land, and a small island appeared before the eyes. The island is surrounded by three reefs, one side is relatively safe, but it is also a cobblestone beach, only for a small boat docked.

The surrounding sea is also covered with a layer of mist, which is too hot and humid on the island, which is caused by the collision with the low temperature of the sea. It conceals and provides a natural barrier.

The shuttle boat surfaced and eleven people went to the island in turn. Nanjing Night Network asked, “When will you return?”

“I’ll stay at least half a month. I’m going to make them ready to go.”

“Well, when you come back to the mountain, I haven’t picked you up. Be careful not to be found.”

“Oh… I’m fucking your uncle!”

The small panic chase after the two steps, watching the boat sink to the bottom of the sea, gas to the whole body of fried hair, drumming kiss claws. She screamed at the sea for a long time, and she turned to see a discredited disciple, becoming more angry.

“I laughed and laughed and rolled up for me. Your hell life began!”

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