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It was the day of the first day of April.


After ten days of Ming and dark visits, and combined with the map of the Tibetan Sutra of the Buddhist temple of fire and God for countless years, the two people of Yun Yuan Yang and Wang Tianhang are finally looking forward to a formal departure.

The night was coming, and the two men of Yun Yuyang and Wang Tianhang were dressed up. They packed their things and sat on a fishing boat, just as soon as a fishing fisherman, like some fishermen coming out of the sea, could not see anything wrong.

The fishing boat is about ten meters long, about two meters wide, with some clothes, fishing nets, things, fresh water… It is clear to be ready to live on the sea.

The vast sea, the darkness of the night! After recognizing the direction, the two went out in the night.

Shortly after the two people went to sea, a young fat man was looking at a fishing boat out of the sea in a room high in a restaurant not far away from the dock.

“Head, according to your instructions, I have helped many people provide some information help in these days. Now that they have gone to sea, what shall we do?” A small man asked.

“Have you arranged for the ships to leave the Yizhou?” The young fat man asked.

“Yes, it has been arranged, but once two people appear at the pier, we can launch a thunderous strike at any time. This time I promise I will not let the club down. ” The small man immediately promised!

“Well, if you do it well,I will keep you further! ” The young fat man smiled and talked, and the thin man listened, and his eyes shone greedily.

“Guru” swallowed a mouth of mouth water, the small man immediately reacted to the opening and said, “the head is relieved, if there is a problem, you take me to ask!”

“Well, don’t live up to my expectations! We should know that our club has poured too much blood and energy into the East China Sea. As long as there is a result, I will keep you further, this is not an empty word! ” The fat man nodded and opened its mouth.

“Hey hey, thank you for your head!” A small man’s mouth to flatter at once.

With the two people in the cloud, we can row hundreds of thousands of miles a day. After nine days and ten nights, the two people of Yun Yuyang, after nine days and nights, did not know how many islands were crossed, and finally arrived at a desert island in the afternoon of a sunset. It was the destination that was confirmed by two people on the sea map.

Kupan island!

It was about twenty miles long and about a hundred miles wide. There was a river that had been withered and abandoned. There were only a few withered and yellow grass inside, and occasionally the bald and bald stone seemed to be deserted for countless years, and a few traces of the river bed could be seen.

On the dry island, there was only one barren land, only some yellow hay, no tall trees, and some short, yellowish plants.

Yun Yuanyang two people were delighted, and immediately found a harbor bend that could stop at a small boat.Then the two men, carrying a large package, carried the sword to the desert island.

The desert island is not big, and two people think

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