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The royal family of yttrium and K. ?

Ye Donglai had a lot of thoughts in his mind and felt like a drop of water in the sea.

This little drop of water wants to shake off the shackles of the sea, and even become enough to contain the sea.

Under such complicated thoughts, great changes have taken place in his mood and become more and more clear.

The stars were scattered and the breeze was four, and the thin aura between heaven and earth gathered quietly towards Ye Donglai’s side. He himself was not aware of this, but was immersed in many thoughts and feelings.

The 314th chapter of the text 314. the difficulties of the Jiangxia Empire

As time went on, the sky became more and more clear.

When Ye Donglai saw the dawn in the sky, he realized that he had been in a trance all night.

In the fading sky, there are still some remaining shadows in the stars at night.


Ye Donglai breathed out the air for a long time before he saw that he was wet with dew.

He was accustomed to running the function, and he was shocked to find that both his own body and the merits of his work have greatly improved a class.

“Is this a breakthrough? In the early stages of integration. ”

Ye Donglai rejoice.

He plunged into the complex state of mind all night, almost in the relationship between himself and the universe.I didn’t even notice what was happening to me.

I didn’t expect it to go through the same way, which had plagued the bottleneck for several days.

“Leaf old.” At this time, Mu Chi also came out of the branch and took a look at the situation of ydong.

After a few days’ absence, ye Dong came to make great progress, and Mu Chi first saw it: “fusion environment?”

“Just breakthroughs.” Ye Donglai laughed and said, “the difficult problem that still bothers us is finally solved.”

“For a long time?” Mu Chi couldn’t help turning a blind eye. He said, “how many days have you stayed in building the foundation?” It has been a long time since we did not break through for a few days. How do those people who stay in a state for several decades live?

But mu Chi knew that ye Dong had strong blood and could not be regarded as an ordinary person, so he was not too surprised.

“Fusion is indeed a lot stronger than building foundation. I am quite aware of that.” Ye Donglai carefully felt his change.

“It’s natural,” Mochi said. Ye Lao DA has already broken through, presumably, he will also have a “self insignificant” mood.

“Yes.” Ye Donglai nodded seriously.

The face of Mu Chi was very heavy, and said:

“This state of mind is the inevitable experience of the immortal, and there is nothing in fusion. In other words, it is precisely because we realize our insignificance and realize the boundless boundless nature of heaven and earth that the immortal can achieve integration from the foundation.

“When we first came to build foundations, people who were immortal were often very confident because they had just left the realm of mortals.I think I can do everything. The integration of the environment gradually realizes the natural relationship between oneself and heaven and earth.

“Realize yourself?”

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